Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Travel Report - Personal

Offshore Benchmarking Report 2007

We have recently published an authorative report benchmarking captive and third party activities of Global Investment Banks. Working on this report was fun, exciting and challenging and I have been happy that people have rated the report as "mind blowing", "exciting", "an eye opener", "spy report", "highly analytical and informative". The report covers the following:

1. Front Office Offshore Outsourcing in India done by Investment Banks
2. Third party, Captive & Hybrid Models
3. Business Strategies of various Investment Banks
4. Location Strategy & HR Strategy
5. Human Capital & Business Struture Analysis
6. Useful Insights for newcomers

Report is must read for Investment Banking and Buyside decisionmakers, business heads and COOs and is available FREE!!! upon request. Only available to industry participants.