Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday, August 17, 2007

Website is up

Finally the first version of Axience website is up. I am loving this experience of being an entrepreneur, it teaches you something new everyday and you have something to look forward to the next day.

It's been seven and half months already and it looks like that I started the business a week back. I pondered over decision of quiting my job for several months as the Country Head of my previous firm and finally called my boss one day on August 1st 2006 to break the good news (for me). At that time I had not planned what I wanted to do - take up a job in India or elsewhere or start up somethin etc or travel around the world. I decided that I will take up three months break, travel around and then will see what to do but travelling couldn't happen as I ended up serving notice period of 4 months instead of 1 - mainly to ensure my previous office runs well after I have left and does not sink.

And then since January, it has been really good. Hundred's of meeting, networking, client relationships, pitching, contracts and travelling several time between India and Europe. I am glad with the progress so far and the type and amount of business we have generated. I am also pleased with the kind of people I have hired and can only look forward to creating a really good team. I am very serious about it being in the people business and after seeing how the Goliaths in my business have let the quality slip. I know it's easier said than done but I am focused on creating a team of smart, hardworking and funloving individuals.

Last few weeks have been very hectic and stressful and I can only expect the intensity to grow. The next goal is much higher, timeline is short and it's a fight of one David versus several Goliath. But surely it's going to be an interesting ride.

I have been thinking of monitoring certain parts of Financial Services industry on this blog since long time and do hope that I will start doing that very soon.

Cheers, H

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Travel Report - Personal

Offshore Benchmarking Report 2007

We have recently published an authorative report benchmarking captive and third party activities of Global Investment Banks. Working on this report was fun, exciting and challenging and I have been happy that people have rated the report as "mind blowing", "exciting", "an eye opener", "spy report", "highly analytical and informative". The report covers the following:

1. Front Office Offshore Outsourcing in India done by Investment Banks
2. Third party, Captive & Hybrid Models
3. Business Strategies of various Investment Banks
4. Location Strategy & HR Strategy
5. Human Capital & Business Struture Analysis
6. Useful Insights for newcomers

Report is must read for Investment Banking and Buyside decisionmakers, business heads and COOs and is available FREE!!! upon request. Only available to industry participants.

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Axience Blog

Welcome to Axience!

I am a late starter in blogging but I plan and promise to make it up for the delay. The Axience Blog is going to cover variety of topics in the business world and will also give you a sneak pick in to what life at Axience is all about.

Axience provides Business Intelligence and Outsourcing services firm. Our services are delivered in the form of consultancy services for specific issues or more long term relationship for database subscriptions or turnkey outsourcing solutions. It focuses on High end business intelligence/consultancy and outsourcing services and derives its’ strength from the knowledge of the European markets and an onshore/offshore model to exploit cost and talent availability arbitrage.

Our core expertise is in Financial Services market but we plan to grow by both increasing our penetration in our focus industries and by entering new industries and geographies.

The firm has been founded by Hemant Jain, who most recently set up and managed India offices of a business intelligence firm where he hired, trained and led a staff of 90 people. The India centre was responsible of managing proprietary business intelligence databases of top global investment banks and delivered several business intelligence reports to clients who include COOs, Business Managers and Head of Strategy at these banks. Prior to that, Hemant worked at Morgan Stanley’s securitization division in London as Associate. Hemant holds an MBA from the HEC School of Management, Paris and an engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. He has also worked with Schlumberger Industries at their Paris office before his MBA and speaks French fluently.

In next few days, I will be updating this blog with what I have been up to, where is company heading and who are our clients. So till then stay tuned.